Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I usually keep my blog posts craft or at least creativity related, but I thought since we just had pictures taken and the last blog post that pictures of my family made it into they were looking forelorn and a bit smug (the Etsy Widower post) I would post these as a more accurate portrail of where we're at these days.
And since I'm treading in personal territory anyway I thought I'd take a minute for something that's been on my mind lots lately. As I get closer to my due date I've been thinking more and more about the actual labor and delivery. I honestly couldn't have asked for a more wonderful birth experience than I had with Elle. It was amazing and I attribute a large part of that to having had a drug free, natural childbirth. There are so many reasons I chose natural childbirth, I could go on and on about all the advantages (and do any time someone is rude enough to make comments like "are you crazy" or "you know you don't get an award for that" when they find out that I purposefully didn't have an epidural) but lately I've been considering why more women don't know about the options that are available to them. So many women don't know what is happening in their bodies during and after labor and delivery, or what shots/tests/procedures they'll give the baby immediately following the delivery, or even what a midwife is and the choices they have with regard to all of that. I hope that some day more Doctors will at least have conversations with their expectant Moms about the body's natural processes during childbirth and how that's impacted by the medical intervention that's so common these days. I understand natural childbirth is not for every women, and I respect women's decision to have the birth that they choose, but I don't think every women even realizes she's making choices about the process they're about to go through, choices that will affect them and their infants beyond just how much of the contractions they'll feel. I've read some really great books on the subject, I'd be happy to refer them to anyone who's interested, just leave me a comment.

stepping down from my soapbox... for now ;)


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Beautiful family! I had a natural childbirth with M, not exactly by choice at the time but she was almost delivered in the truck on the way to the hospital..haha
Looking back on it now, I'm glad it happened that way, it was a great experience :)

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Wow! That's the good and the bad of quick labors! Mine was 6 hours from start to finish with Elle. I'm hoping it won't be much quicker than that this time around... the hospital we picked is almost an hour from home depending on the time of day.

RedMarionette said...

I agree with you! Ive often said that I am more bothered by the thought of not being able to feel certain things (numbness) due to the epidural than dealing with the pain, in discussions people always think I am crazy. I have decided already (way in advance) that I would rather not be drugged up. Good for you for wanting to feel what your body is going through!

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