Friday, June 5, 2009

Etsy Widower Comments

We've had so much fun with the Etsy Widower article! Some of the comments other Etsyians have left on the post are hilarious. Thought I'd share a few of my favorites (click on the shop names to link to their little Etsy addiction):
*Before I get into that just wanted to mention I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blog posts this weekend. I'm thinking Liv's coming home from the hospital outfit is up next :)

blynkenandnod ROFL! It's so true! I need to show this one to my own poor widower. Happy Father's Day, boys! (You've earned a day off from Etsy, I think) (if only I could get myself to give that gift...)

cozycottagecreations Hee hee! That was fabulous - I love the part about the fabric pushers. I'm emailing this to my husband so he'll know he's not alone. And hey, if that support group gets started up, feel free to convo us the meeting time!

worksofwhimsy Sometimes my husband will convo me to get my attention. Yup, my name is Linda, and I am an Etsy addict. I love all the funny Etsy items featured!

somewhereinntime OHHHH, has he been talking to my husband who thinks I'm addicted to this too and when our power went off last night we actually had to talk to each other :)

CollectionObsession Love this story! I told my hubby last night that I need to add some listings, and he said something about priorities and housecleaning. Huh? And he sometimes even wants to use the laptop and I have to sulk till he hands it back to me.

humblebea I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time! This is fantastic, I can't wait to have my husband and kids read this... just as soon as I remove the pins from my couch...

bylynnkrestel oh i hear you! i feel bad for my family all the time - just not bad enough to find the cure!! go etsy!!!

OccasionallyBrill I don't even have the excuse of selling, and my husband comments all the time that if I love Etsy so much, why don't I marry it? I feel for him. Sort of. Wait, I think the front page has a new treasury up.

annashoub I am writing from the great etsy beyond. Please contact my husband and child. I think they need a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

apiecebydenise What a cute article! At some point with a "new baby", she must have closed the laptop at some point in time ;o)

pogoshop So funny! Believe me, we all understand. But I beg you, don't name the new baby Etsy just to get long lost mom to notice the poor little thing.

budpnq I've sent this to my husband so he will know he's not alone in his grief. Sometimes, I really miss the guy.

postroadvintage house is orphaned too! those dishes get so lonely in the sink all day with nobody to wash them! thanks for the good laugh!


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