Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What next??

Nearly all the "must do" items on my before Liv gets here to do list are done. But I can't stop now... not when nesting is in full swing and not when this is my last opportunity for sewing uninterrupted by breast feeding, seemingly never ending diaper changing, and the overwhelming desire to spend hours on end just cuddled up with my little bundle of sweetness. So will you help me decide which project to do next? I'm finishing up the curtains for the nursery and I have one more bootie to go to match her coming home from the hospital outfit, but when I'm done with those I'll get started on whatever the general consensus is. There's a poll in the right margin. Here are your choices:

* I have all the materials to make a messenger style diaper bag, I just haven't felt terribly excited about the project for some reason... and I have a diaper bag already so I don't HAVE to do it, but I was planning on it.

* I have an idea for some artwork for the nursery. It's pretty simple, it'll be a painted canvas and vinyl decal.

* I'm planning labor mostly in the water, like I did with Elle, so I have my own clothes to wear during that time, but I'll need to get out of my wet clothes when I get out of the water and those hospital gowns are terribly convenient despite how ugly they are. So, I'm thinking it would be nice to make my own hospital gown out of cute fabric... who knows, if it's really cute I may even wear it those first few days at home.

* I have some burp clothes from when Elle was a baby (she didn't spit up that much) and I don't totally get the cute burp clothe thing in general, but I do need to have a few more burp clothes on hand and have plenty of scraps I could use, so I figured I may as well make some rather than buy them.

Thanks so much for weighing in! Who knows, if Liv holds out to her due date, I still have a little more than 5 weeks to work on projects, maybe I'll make it through them all. Your input will at least help me decide the order :)


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