Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Family Film Fest

Florida Summers are always hot hot hot and being 8&9 months pregnant this year isn’t going to make it any cooler! Elle and I usually spend the majority of our time in the pool or in the air conditioner. One of our favorite air conditioned spots… the theater! Regal Entertainment does a Free Family Film Festival where they show G & PG movies in the theater through out the Summer on week day mornings for FREE. The million dollar popcorn (I bring bottled water with me) seems a lot more reasonably priced when you don’t have to buy tickets too :) Click on the graphic above to see if the Regal theater in your area is participating.


Splendid Little Stars said...

That's so great! Yay for the Regal Theatres! Believe me, I know. When I was pregnant in the summer, I spent my life in the pool or in air conditioning.

storybeader said...

gosh! that's fantastic! what a great marketing tool! And it's great for parents with small children - I have to give them 5 Stars!

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