Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coming Home

I fell in love with this white eyelet trimmed bubble suit I found online and decided I had to have it for Liv to come home from the hospital in:

The catch is that it's $50 + shipping and I would still need a bonnet (this Florida sun is ruthless!) booties, and possibly a blanket. I was having a hard time justifying spending that much on a size newborn outfit that she would only be able to wear a couple times.

But once I've found THE thing I want I just can't get it out of my mind, and this bubble suite was haunting me. I haven't sewn much in the way of clothing... I don't know why but my mile long "to make" list just doesn't really include clothes. But, I figured since the bubble suit is so loose it shouldn't be too difficult to get the fit right. So, I searched pattern book after pattern book for virtually the exact outfit I saw online and finally found the New Look pattern 6794 which was surprisingly close. Here it is, what do you think?

I had fun making the outfit and learned a little trick for making elastic casing with bias tape that I used on my next project, the car seat cover. But the best part is that I made the bubble suit and the bonnet and have enough material left over for a set of matching booties for $25 total!


Becky said...

That is beautiful!!!! It will mean so much more down the road to have made it yourself!

Good job!

AKD said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

RedMarionette said...

The bonnet is precious! I love the whole outfit! You will have to take a ton of photos!

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