Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beans Beans the Musical Fruit...

Why is it that silly stuff like that gets stuck in your head forever, but you can’t remember some of the important stuff to save your life?!? ANYWAY.

I have a wonderful customer who had an idea for some revisions to the count and spell bean bags. I’ve been working diligently to make her and my vision a reality and am most of the way there, but decided to share the process. If you’re not familiar with Elle Belle’s count and spell beanbags, they’re beanbags that have numbers embroidered on one side and letters embroidered on the other. I personally love educational/not buzzing/sans flashing/good old use your imagination type of toys. The count and spells definitely fit into that category, but they’re cutesy too, lots of mommies get them to spell their little one’s names. This customer ordered an entire set of the alphabet and asked about incorporating color recognition as well.

Soooo, I busted out the color wheel, polished up my vocabulary, and set out on a mission to find solid fabrics in the primary, secondary, and tertiary (hence the vocabulary lesson… I’m sure I must have run across tertiary colors at some point in grade school, but it really didn’t set any bells a ringin’) colors. I was so pleased that I only had to make 2 stops to pull all the colors together. I also found a great black with multi color dots print that looks fabulous with all the colors (and is gender neutral).

I had some number stickers lying around, so I put stickers cooresponding to the numbers to embroider on the colors, used a block font to embroider all the numbers and letters and waaa laaa.

Well, almost waa laa, I still have to stitch them up and fill them, but all the fabric is found, cut, and embroidered. I'll post more pics and a link to the listing when they're all done.

Now my biggest question is whether to keep the stripe fabric bags in the shop to cover the more decorative use for the bags (I still need to take a picture of how cute they are all lined up on a shelf) or just go the educational route. Weigh in if you’d like, I’d love to hear your opinion!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Couldn't Wait

to post this T! I usually try to space my postings on Etsy out. But it's dreary and rainy outside, my little one and I are having a lazy morning, and it hit me that it's the perfect time to take pics of a funny shirt I made a couple weeks ago. So here it is, my little one, with spastic bed head, sitting on my sewing table amidst the scraps, pearing out the rain fogged window... the cutest little orphan ever! Click on the picture to check out the listing.

Another New Elle Belle Item

Can you believe it?! Another new Elle Belle product! My new nephew inspired the "Little Man Tie Onesie". Isn't he an adorable model?! Just admit it :) Click on his picture to check out the listing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Drum Roll Please!

Taa Daa! The newest arrival at Elle Belle, the SENSORY SNUGGLY. The description pretty much says it all, so I'll post that below. But it doesn't say that I'm so excited about adding the dimension of scent to the blanket (read to the bottom of the post to check that out)! AAAANNND, I posted the first ever listing for the sensory snuggly at 4:58 this afternoon and had a convo from a customer at 5:21 who wanted me to make a separate listing for her so she could purchase 2. Also, as of right now, only 14 people have viewed the girl Sensory Snuggly and I already have 1 heart. How great is that?! Love it!?
Minky, Chenille, Satin, Printed Micro-Suede, Corduroy, Crinkle Material, a ribbon loop, and a hint of scent OH MY!
The Elle Belle Sensory Snuggly is designed to sooth little ones while engaging them in tactile, auditory, visual, and even scent exploration. They are the perfect cozy alternative to the larger crib sized comforts they know and love. Will they be jealous of your super cute handmade gift at the next shower? ©
• Hidden crinkle material gives one corner a curious crunchy sound & feel
• 6 snuggly fabrics (including unbeatably soft genuine Minky) combine for a super cute design and add a variety of texture and color
• At approximately 12x12 inches square, they’re just the right size for the diaper bag and convenient for car seat playtime
• The ribbon loop is great for attaching to toy rings and the perfect landing spot for curious fingers
• A subtle hint of scent in one corner of your blanket engages little noses and makes opening this special gift a treat for Mommy too
• We’ll personalize them to your hearts delight!
When you check out, please put the following info in the notes to seller and I'll get busy making your custom design:
1) Embroidery – Please let me know what you'd like embroidered and in what thread color (if no thread color is indicated I'll use the color shown in this listing).
2) Scent - One corner of the blanket will be infused with all natural linen water which adds a hint of scent without being overpowering. Select Vanilla, Lavender, or Coconut. NOTE: If no scent is chosen, your snuggly will be unscented. Linen water adds a fresh mild scent to fabrics, but is not permanent. The scent will likely fade in a couple of weeks or after the first washing. Elle Belle has you covered though, purchase a separate bottle of our handmade linen water and freshen up your snuggly (and any of the other fabrics in your home) any time you choose.
Please see my other listings for the girl sensory snuggly.
machine wash cold, air dry
Your Sensory Snuggly will ship within one week of your order

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why oh Why

is it so hard to keep up with posting on my blog?!? Could it be taking care of my almost 3 year old, spending time with my hubby of 7 years, running my online business, working my day job 3 days a week, being on the admin staff of the Florida Etsy Street Team, being the president of my Toastmasters club? Okay, no more excuses, seriously, I should be able to commit to at least once a month. I would like to point out that I did take the step of adding my twitter account to this blog (see on right). But, Twitter... if you're listening... please give us a way of updating to multiple accounts from text.

So the latest and greatest Elle Belle news is the note on my Etsy shop, regarding Taggies Inc. check it out when you get a sec. I'm actually excited about the new challenge and am past the "let's see what I come up with" stage. I have a blanket in the works and am shooting for the end of next week for a listing. So stay tuned.

Also, I didn't post my latest tattoo inspired embroidery design for my slings. It's been ages since I had this design digitized for me, but I'm in love with it, so here you go:

In other news, I just applied for Atomic Holiday Bazaar, the sweetest craft show around... maybe in the world! So cross your fingers that we get in, it would be terribly embarrasing if we didn't after that statement :)

That's it for now, we'll chat again BY next month!!

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