Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ready... Set... Blog

This is it... my first blog entry ever!

This is probably as good a time as any to state that I don't anticipate having profound or particularly captivating posts. The best I can hope for is that it be somewhat interesting, provide readers with some insight into me and the wonderful women I work with on Elle Belle, and on occasion even be a bit educational.

I've always felt a compulsion of sorts to support small business and am forever on a quest to find and frequent establishments at which I can get to know and build rapport with the owners. I've also been interested in crafts of all types - stamping, collage, paper crafts, crochet, beading, and sewing, pretty much since I can remember. So, I was especially excited when nearly a year ago I was introduced to a community of people who make hand made items and embody the indie craft movement. I was inspired to start my own business where my very talented friends and I make and sell the things we've crafted. It's been wonderful just to be a part of it all.

A huge section of the aforementioned community sells their items on Etsy ( as does Elle Belle ( I buy tons of stuff on Etsy, you'd be completely surprised at just how much you can find. One of my favorite things about buying handmade is that there's a life behind the item. I relish the idea that perhaps the artist I've purchased from feels like I do when someone values something I've created enough to make it their own... proud, thankful, and supported. I hope that this blog will give Elle Belle friends and customers an insight into the lives behind Elle Belle and I look forward to sharing our projects, what's going on with this business and our art, and hopefully even getting some feedback.

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I've got lofty hopes for this blog, so next time you visit I'll have links to other blogs I love, some of those local small businesses I mentioned, and maybe I'll even get the ladies I work with on Elle Belle to post (they are probably the only ones reading this after all)


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