Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why oh Why

is it so hard to keep up with posting on my blog?!? Could it be taking care of my almost 3 year old, spending time with my hubby of 7 years, running my online business, working my day job 3 days a week, being on the admin staff of the Florida Etsy Street Team, being the president of my Toastmasters club? Okay, no more excuses, seriously, I should be able to commit to at least once a month. I would like to point out that I did take the step of adding my twitter account to this blog (see on right). But, Twitter... if you're listening... please give us a way of updating to multiple accounts from text.

So the latest and greatest Elle Belle news is the note on my Etsy shop, regarding Taggies Inc. check it out when you get a sec. I'm actually excited about the new challenge and am past the "let's see what I come up with" stage. I have a blanket in the works and am shooting for the end of next week for a listing. So stay tuned.

Also, I didn't post my latest tattoo inspired embroidery design for my slings. It's been ages since I had this design digitized for me, but I'm in love with it, so here you go:

In other news, I just applied for Atomic Holiday Bazaar, the sweetest craft show around... maybe in the world! So cross your fingers that we get in, it would be terribly embarrasing if we didn't after that statement :)

That's it for now, we'll chat again BY next month!!


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