Sunday, July 5, 2009

Soft Blocks

Yes I have an embroidery machine… no I haven’t used it for the majority of the projects I’ve made for Liv. I get “in the groove” of making something and having to stop, create the design on my computer, setup the embroidery arm & foot, hoop the stabilizer, stitch the design, and remove the embroidery arm and foot to continue the project breaks the “flow” of the process and I end up breaking it up into a two step and possibly 2 day project instead. I think that’s as much evidence as I need to justify buying a 2nd machine. I can have the embroidery function of my current machine set up all the time and I can sew on a 2nd machine so there’s no disruption. That makes perfect sense right?!

If you have more than one sewing machine, show me some love and leave a comment, it wouldn’t hurt to have supporting evidence should I decide to make the case to my Doug :) Okay so that was a bit of a tangent because I felt the need to explain why I went with appliqué letters for these blocks instead of embroidering them… back to the regularly scheduled post.

These are the soft blocks
from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones book. I added the appliqué letters, but other than that, they’re by the book. If you decide to do them my word of caution is to be sure you take heed to the note about starting and stopping ½ inch from each end when you’re constructing the sides of the blocks. As long as you do that, putting them together isn’t hard at all. If I make another set, I think next time I’ll cut out a bit of the foam they’re stuffed with and insert a bell or rattle of some kind. However, future sets aren’t terribly likely because I so DON’T love hand sewing! You have to hand sew two of the sides together, so it’s not a lot of hand sewing, but the perfectionist and instant gratification junkie in me complained the entire time… annoying girl!


Robin Hartman said...

Those blocks are adorable!!!!

Wendy said...

I have 2 machines! Maybe I can help!
I agree it's a pain to have to stop what you are doing to embroider--not easy or quick to transition the machine over.
If you get a machine strictly for sewing, I'd find one that uses the same bobbins, needles, etc. Mine are different, and it seems I always have the bobbin I want for the wrong machine. Also, space becomes a problem for me--when I try to set up 2 machines and my laptop for the embroidery. I find myself having to move my second machine when I want to quilt, or to work on anything large. Lately, I've had the second machine put away. I've just tried to get really organized and embroider everything I want for the next few days' sewing in one stretch, and then switch it back to sewing. Hope this helps!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Thanks Robin!
Wendy, really good point about both machines using the same bobbins etc. and space would definitely be a factor for me too now that I just gave up my studio. Being a bit more organized and doing all the embroidery for the week at once like you suggested would make it a lot less of a pain. Thanks so much for weighing in!

RedMarionette said...

Those came out really nice!

Sheila said...

I don't know how your budget is, but there are machines that toggle between sewing and embroidery without removing the embroidery arms. I just started back to work(which is why I haven't been around) and am working for Viking/Husqvarna and they have two models that do that plus they run off of usb sticks so you don't have to be near the computer and you only need room for one machine. They have touch screens and you either choose embroidery mode or sewing mode. They are pricey though. Hope that helps.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for commenting. How fun to work for Viking/Husqvarna I'd be in trouble! My machine will switch to sewing while my embroidery arm is attached, but I don't love using it that way... I think because the arm kind of gets in the way, and since I have to switch feet anyway removing the arm isn't that much more effort. Really this is all just a matter of me being lazy :) I wrote a blog post about my machine ages ago if you're interested -

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