Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easiest Curtains Ever & A Sneak Peek Into Liv's Nursery

The nursery is done except for one bit of art work I'm still waiting on. It wasn't quite as fun as designing Elle's nursery because Liv's nursery is in a room that should be an office or other common living space, so I didn't want to make the bones of the room too "nursery" and have to redo it all when we decide to move… but it was still fun to put together and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I'll post all the pics and a run down when I get that last bit of artwork on the wall.
My least favorite part of the project = deciding on a style of curtains and picking the fabric. We have wide plank white blinds on all the windows in the house except for Elle’s room, and that minimalist feel fits our uncluttered space well, so I’ve managed to steer clear of making the big design decision of window coverings for the most part. We wanted something that fit the shabby chic feel of Liv’s room but we didn’t change the paint color in there, so it needed to go with Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage, which is a hard color to match! That room also gets a lot of light, so we needed something that would block that out during nap time. And, since one window in that room is on the front of the house, we didn’t want to replace the blinds so we could maintain the continuity of the look from the outside of the house. That was a lot of factors to take into consideration, Sooooo we decided to take a simple approach… an uncomplicated paneled drapery, lined with black out fabric, hung on cute rods, with tie backs trimmed in pom pom fringe. Behold the world’s easiest sewing project:

I have to tell you, the curtain rods were the deal of the century! They're cracked pink glass bulbs on the ends of silver rods. I found them at Target on clearance (I had to go 4 different Targets... thank goodness we live in a major metropolitan area... who has 4 Targets within 30 minutes of eachother?!). The small rod for $5 and the large one for $8... I couldn't believe it... we spent $40 each on the rods in Elle's room... crazy!


Athena's Armoury said...

I gotta tell ya, chica, you cracked me up by saying a major metropolitan area. My true home that my heart will always be in is NY, so that really made me giggle.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

It's all about perspective! I grew up in a small town in IL... literally in the middle of corn fields. The Tampa Bay area is no NYC, but no cows on my commute and 5 malls within an hour of each other classifies it at "major" to me :)

RedMarionette said...

This is wonderful! Came out so cute! How are things going?

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