Saturday, July 18, 2009

Liv's Sweet Messenger Diaper Bag

I love how this bag turned out! I modified a really simple messenger bag pattern to incorporate some features that I think will make it especially useful as a diaper bag. There's a lot to go over, so I'll just get to the nitty gritty.
I embroidered the flap of the bag with an Urban Thread's scribble design. Robots aren't particularly girly, but I thought it was super cute in pink and went really well with the fabric I lined it in, which is Melissa Averinos' design from her Sugar Snap line.

The side of the bag has nylon straps the length of the bag with D rings attached at the top so that the double sided strap is removable and you can clip the bag to a stroller with two carribeaners or by wrapping the strap around the handle and then clipping it back into the D rings.

One of my favorite features of the bag is the removable changing pad/messenger bag flap. Four snaps on the back of the bag snap onto snaps sewn into the changing pad... if I ever feel particularly ambitious I may even make multiple flaps/changing pads so that I can go with a different design when I want.

The inside of the bag has two large pockets, they're the perfect size for a travel size wipes container and all the odds and ends you need for diaper changing. There's also a ribbon loop sewn into the top side seam that I can clip a wristlet to or my keys and it can hang on the outside or inside of the bag.

Also on the inside of the bag are these elastic straps that are sewn in front of the pockets and work great for hanging onto things that usually get wadded up in pockets, like diapers and burp clothes... I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of that one :)

So that's it. I packed it up as soon as it was finished and it's all ready to go to the hospital... now we just wait for Liv to be ready.


AKD said...

You are so darn creative!! Great job! ~Angie

Athena's Armoury said...

It looks awesome! Maybe one of these days when things quiet down for you, you can show me how to use the sewing machine I got from a very generous Freecycler. ;)

jen said...

LOVE this bag. not sure how much i've commented here ... or if i've mentioned ... but my middle name is liv. and my youngest daughter's middle name is liv. and i really wanted to save liv as a first name ... but i couldn't be guaranteed that we were going to have a 3rd, and if we did ... no guarantees on the gender.
so here i am with my 3rd in process ... and kinda wishing that i hadn't already used liv as a middle name.
in other words. i love that you named your daughter liv. that's all. long story short.

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