Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Delivery from the Storque!

The Storque is Etsy's electronic newsletter of sorts. They post articles on a regular basis and feature sellers. The articles scroll at the bottom of the home page with little links and pictures of the featured sellers appearing next to the teaser. The Storque has been doing an ongoing series called Handmade Kids. They've put together a lot of great articles on finds on Etsy, being a Mom and running an Etsy shop, they're having a contest for the best handmade kids stuff on Etsy... lots of everything pertaining to kids. I've been keeping up with the articles but was a little behind and read a few days worth yesterday. Lo and behold, my little man tie onesie was featured in a Storque article. I didn't actually get to see it appear at the bottom of the home page, but I'm still super stoaked about finding the article! Here it is:


sewitsforyou said...

congrats stacey! I love that shirt. too cute

sewitsforyou said...

Love your blog Stacey so here's an award. Check it out on my blog!
my blog

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