Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm such a lucky crafter!

Even though we have a teeny tiny house, I have the perfect craft/sewing space. I love to see the spaces other people feel creative in and how they organize, so I thought I'd share mine.
This room is off the living room, so I can keep an eye on my little one and/or whatever is going on in the main part of the house, but the French doors keep the mess confined and little fingers out of everything. Even though the room is only 10x10, there’s surprisingly enough space for all of my supplies, as long as I keep them organized. When I neglect clean up duty, it doesn’t take much for the space to be ridiculously cluttered and nearly unusable. My reward for my hard work on Elle Belle in the last couple of weeks was to clean my space… yep that’s a reward. When encouraged to find their "happy place" some people go to the beach, others maybe a mountain top, but for me, one of MY most happiest places of all is creating whatever strikes me at the moment in my impeccably clean, super organized craft space with female artists (think Nelly Furtado, Pink, Natasha Bedingfield, Tatu) playing loudly on the computer via I kept my “happy place” in mind as I spent 5 full hours cleaning, reorganizing, and rejuvenating my space this weekend.
This is where the magic happens… my amazing machine, my computer, tools & supplies storage, spool racks, printer, and scale (I’m still struggling with the whole postage thing… not sure why, but I can’t figure out the most efficient and inexpensive way to manage mailing the packages out… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!). I found pink boxes at Marshalls that fit the storage unit perfectly ages ago, they didn’t have them anymore when I reorganized the cabinet last, so I bought the green ones (see those in the picture above) at Jo-Anns. They fit well too and the outside labels make finding things and keeping it organized easier… don’t love that there’s pink on one side, green on the other, but the door slides closed, so you can only ever really see one side anyway.

Books that inspire me, and sharpies/packing supplies adorn the shelf above my cutting table. This is the best place in the house to take pictures... as evidenced by the pictures in this post... I took them all within 2 minutes of each other. This picture depicts the truest color of the room. My camera loves all the natural light that floods in that window. I use the white mat board that’s next to the table as a backdrop.

This corner of my space is home to some of the only tchotchkies in the house, my Lladro Polar Bears. My husband gave them to me one at a time as gifts for birthdays and Christmas at a time in our lives when they were a pure luxury that frankly, we couldn’t afford. I love them and although there really isn’t space in this room for decorations they make me smile, so there they sit next to a collage of our wedding photos. I have two of those short open shelving units, each flanking the French doors. More of the pink bins hold fabric scraps, and my most ingenious storage solution, a table top metal binder thingy that holds sleeves for all the stickers and die cuts (I was a scrapbooker in another life… the one before sewing) that adorn my packages now. The clothes hanging in the corner are on a wire cable my husband strung the length of the room for me. Right now it holds blanks, and my daughter's wooden butterfly mobile that's in need of repair, but when I’m getting ready for a craft event, and have a large inventory, I hang completed slings & works in progress from it on shower curtain hooks I found.


sewitsforyou said...

your room is much tidier than mine. I still have not figured out 100% how to organize my 8 totes plus closet full of blanks. I need to do it soon though caus it is driving me bananas.

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