Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can I be honest?

I really don't get the fancy burpcloth thing! Seriously, they just spit up on them, why does the spit up need a pretty spot to land? I will admit that Elle was never very burpy, I didn't use them that much, so maybe if I needed one every waking momment I would've wanted them to resemble an accessory... but if they do spit up a lot it's not going to stay pretty very long. So that's been my take on the burpcloth thing and I've avoided making and/or selling them despite the fact that the embellished ones are relatively popular in baby boutiques and on Etsy.

Enter good Elle Belle customer who asks me to make some for her little guy and since I'll be buying a packag e of 12 and won't sell them in my shop I may as well make some gender neutral ones for a shower gift she's giving to a Mommy who doesn't know if she's having a boy or girl. I'm up for the challenge particularly because she's such a sweet repeat customer.

The more I thought about how to decorate the burpcloths, the more into it I got. It was almost like a throw back to my scrapbooking days of planning out a page at a time. I decided to do 2 sets of 6. Each set with 3 with a cotton fabric pannel and 3 embroidered. I just bought some handy dandy applique scissors that I haven't gotten much use out of so I used this opportunity to figure out how to create an applique letter with the embroidery software I have. (I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be interesting to anyone but me, but if you happen to have embroidery software, but don't digitize, and are interested in how I created my own applique font comment here and I'll put together a little tutorial, I'm so proud of myself for figuring it out! :)) I broke out some embroidery designs that I've picked up along the way but never really had any use for and used up some fabric scraps that I loved too much to pitch, but didn't have a purpose either. I also really love the immediate gratification factor and I'm really happy with how they're turning out so far.

I still don't really get the hype, but for purely selfish reasons, I think I'll keep making them... well as long as people want them. I even posted my favorite set so far in my shop.

I couldn't completely conceal my true feelings, I'm calling them Pretty Spitty. Hee Hee, I think that's so funny!


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