Sunday, August 24, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller - Tulips Treasure Box

I just joined the Etsy Blogger team. I'm so proud of myself for keeping my commitment to post more regularly on my blog and decided I should take the next step and make a commitment to an entire team. The Etsy Bloggers are, as you could probably guess, a team of people who have Etsy shops and also blog. I knew the team existed, but the Storque just recently did an article about them so I got to learn more about them. I think I'm really going to like how organized they are, how they hold everyone accountable to participate, and that for someone who is already dedicated to blogging, there's not an unreasonable amount of commitment required.

Each month, they select a member of the team for everyone to blog a feature on. So, my first official assignment is to feature Tulips Treasure Box:

Lily of Tulips Treasure Box designs and creates some really amazing jewelry! I particularly like the thorough descriptions she gives of each piece, some of which include background information about the materials she uses, like this one for her Caribbean Necklace and Earring Set:

Bright sea-green Apatite is regarded as a gem for collectors as well as for jewelry makers. Its name comes from the Greek word for "deceit" since it's so often mistaken for such stones as beryl, topaz and tourmaline. The green variety is sometimes called asparagus-stone.

She also creates these adorable eco friendly Tee Totes. Not only do they serve the eco friendly purpose of reducing waste of plastic bags, they're constructed from recycled Tees... they're an environmentalist's dream!

So head on over to the Tulips Treasure Box shop, plan your next fabulous outfit around one of her beautiful pieces of jewelry, and do something good for the environment!


Anonymous said...

Hello and I am pleased to that you have joined the team.

Thank you for the complimentary feature. I appreciate your time and kind words.


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