Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Trip project 1 - Beginning Cross-stitch Kit

Are you going on a roadtrip this summer?  We are!  10+ hours in the car with a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old = this Mommy needs to get creative!  A close friend of mine was a Montessori teacher, so I knew she would have some great ideas for little projects my 5 year old could tackle.  As soon as she mentioned cross-stitch my wheels started turning!  I loved cross-stitching when I was younger and am so excited to introduce it to Elle! 
The kit includes a piece of gingham fabric stretched on a little embroidery hoop, some embroidery floss on plastic cards stored on a metal ring, a needle on a scrap of felt, a needle threader & thread cutter, and a matchbox I covered with some fun sparkly scrapbook paper to keep the little bits in (I was hoping the matchbox is cute enough to inspire her to keep track of the needle so it doesn't end up floating around my car... wish us luck!). 
For starters she'll use the boxes in the gingham print as a guide to make her "X"s... who knows, if she likes it maybe we'll come home with a masterpiece :)
So I mentioned I liked cross-stitch when I was younger... ready for a blast from the past?  I cross-stitched the corners of a baby blanket when I was in highschool for my "some day baby".  Who does that?!?!  Maybe only me... but none the less, I thought I'd share:
Time for Your Way Wednesday:
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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Those clown bears you cross-stitched while in high school are adorable! I'm sure your little Elle will find cross-stitching fascinating, too!

Karie said...

That is a beautiful "set up"! Makes me want to do it! :) Such a creative mommy!

PickleDiva said...

I love it! I didn't get started until I was 11 and home sick for a couple weeks. I made ornaments for everyone for Christmas that year! My sister was 6 at the time and of course had to do what I was doing, so she learned a little too. The funny thing was that she kept calling it CROTCH stitch...which has kept us in stitches since then! Good luck, I'm sure Elle will love it!

Stacy CUrran said...

Have I told you that my name is Stacy and my daughter is Ellie (aka "Elle Belle"?) too funny!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Pickles, that is just too funny! Memories like that are priceless... especially when they're crafting related ;)

Stacy, I love that our names... both ours and our girls... are just one letter off :)Thanks for commenting, it's nice to meet you and your Elle Belle!

Shabby Beach Nest said...

This is such a BRILLIANT idea!! My daughter is only three, but I'm already thinking of making a kit for her (maybe I can hold her hand and we can do it together). I L-O-V-E-D cross stitching when I was young, and used to do it on long plane rides and snowy winter days. =]

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I'm very, very new at blogging (less than a week, lol). But because of sweet experts like you, I feel like I'm learning by leaps and bounds. Thank you again for making me smile.

Can't wait to hear how the kit works out!!

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