Thursday, May 26, 2011


I haven’t posted pictures of the bentos I’ve been making for Elle in quite a while, so I have a bunch for you!

Liv will be starting at the Montessori school Elle goes to next year and I’m feeling a little nervous about making 2 bentos every morning. I admit that sometimes I dream about how much quicker it would be to pay for a school lunch or easier to just send a sandwich and chips every day. But seeing all the bentos I’ve done the last couple months in one spot like this is at least a little reassuring… somehow I manage to pull them together even on our busiest mornings & most importantly I feel really good about the variety of foods she eats and that we’re teaching her about making healthy choices!

In this round of bentos we have – corn, blueberries, chocolate roasted almonds, rotisserie chicken, banana, hard boiled eggs, veggie chips, prunes, ritz crackers, baby bell cheese, Hawaiian rolls, cinnamon raisin bagel, dried cranberries, ham, dried cherries, fig newtons, trail mix, quiche, corn bread, edemame, string cheese, fruit leather, pink grapefruit, beets, apple sauce, pickles, granola bar, dry cereal, raisins, triscuts, pretzels, celery, lunch meat, jello, grapes, water chestnuts, natural cheetos, almond butter and jam sandwich, cheddar cheese, strawberries and whipped cream, hummus, and green bell peppers.



Donene said...

Yumm, these all look so delicious! THanks for visiting and your very nice comments!

Karie said...

mmmm :) Will you please make me lunch! ;)

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