Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!

This is the first year we've had a little one in school... between family friends and school friends we have had a birthday party to attend nearly every weekend. I put a lot of effort into finding gifts that I can feel good about giving. My criteria is that they inspire creativity, are handmade, or support local artists... oh and of course I hope the birthday kiddo actually likes them! I NEVER give gift cards, they're just too impersonal... I want the receiver to know that we thought of them specifically when we picked out their gift and money just doesn't say that. I made an exception this weekend though because I can see how, especially for a kid, it would be fun to pick out their own prize and I also appreciate the "value of a dollar" lesson that can be learned from using a gift card.

It's always a challenge but I'm pretty excited about what I came up with for the two birthday parties Elle has this weekend! I bought giftcards, but so as not to feel bad about how impersonal they are, I also purchased a couple too cute for words... just admit it!... pocket monsters that my friend, Kelli of Red Marionette makes.

The pocket monsters are adorable but half the fun of buying a Red Marionette creatures is reading its "story". Kelli has an uncanny way of bringing her creations to life! So in addition to the pocket monster & the gift card, I made a little illustration of the monsters... a likeness if you will... to include on a card with thier stories.

So here's the best part, Red Marionette is not only having a sale on pocket monsters right at this very moment, but you can also get FREE shipping by using the coupon code FREESHIPPINGMAY when you check out. And as if my adorable idea and Kelli's irresistable creatures weren't enough reason to leave this blog page right now and get started on a gift for the next birthday girl or boy on your list (did I mention this is THE PERFECT GIFT for either gender?!)you had better hurry because the pocket monsters are an endangered species. The ones listed in the Red Marionette shop right now are the last of their kind (i.e. Kelli is discontinuing them).

Do you have any creative ideas for kids birthday gifts? I'd love to hear them, leave me a comment!



PickleDiva said...

I picked up two of her pocket pals, but I can't give them to anyone else! I was thinking of using one while my niece is here for when she loses a tooth. I'm also thinking of picking out a couple more before they are all gone!

Unknown said...

Those are the cutest gift card holders I have ever seen!

Stacy CUrran said...

So funny...I just found your blog, and my name is Stacy and my daughter is Elle, aka "Elle Belle"!!!!

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