Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't get too carried away with the Valentine holiday.  I always think of it as the perfect excuse for sweet little gestures.  This year was no exception, these little (some might even say "Valentiny" heehee) projects were the extent of the Valentine celebration in our house.
We went to breakfast with some friends yesterday and I wanted to dress the girls a little festive (my friend Karie is one of the only people I know who would notice, let alone appreciate that sort of thing, so I couldn't waste the opportunity :)).  Liv wore a red onesie with a little pink cupcake on it, a black jean skirt with a bleached out heart pattern, and the red and pink stripe leg warmers I made for Elle last year when I did my girls' Valentine pictures... did I ever post those???  Well can there really ever be too many pictures of adorable Valentiney girlie girls?!  I think not, exhibit A (even though you can't see the leg warmers they're both wearing):
and exhibit B with the legwarmers:
But Elle didn't have anything particularly Valentiney, so I sewed a little loop in the center of a flower embellishment on the dress she wore at Christmas and clipped a little heart hair clip in the center:

 Pay no attention to the jelly stain!

Elle and I paid a visit to my favorite scrapbook store (I am so lucky to live near an amazing scrapbook store, Whim-so-doodle and not so far from the most wonderful fabric shop I've ever been in, Rainbows End... they're a feast for my creative appetite!) and she picked out some materials to make Daddy a Valentine:

I bought a card for My Doug this year... I love and hate it when I find one with the just the right sentiment!

I already showed you Elle's classroom Valentine's, the joke bookmarks.

And to finish off the Valentine festivities, I decorated a crayola pencil box for Elle to bring her Valentine's to school in and carry home the Valentine's she receives:
with a little note inside:

Oh how I wish I had some of that fabulous Japanese paper tape!  I hadn't thought of an excuse to buy it until now... to finish the edges of the boxes I cover with scrapbook paper :)

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day and that you take the time to show the people you love that you just can't get enough of them!



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