Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Party

There was a time in my life... pre-children... when we raced to the theater for opening night of pretty much whatever movie peaked our interest.  The Oscars were our super bowl.  Alas, the only nominated movie I had seen this year was Tangled.  So we were completely in the dark, but still thankful to be invited to our friends' Oscar party.
The menu was: Lotso Strawberry Salad (Toy Story), popcorn cupcakes, Open Face Book Sandwiches (The Social Network), Black Swan cookies, The Kings Fondddddue (not pictured, fromThe King's Speach), and True Grits (also not pictured).
How fun are these cupcakes?! 
The marshmallows were shaken with some yellow luster dust and toasted with a torch.
I hope you all enjoyed the Oscars, and that I get a chance to actually see some of the winning pictures... NetFlix here we come!


Max and Otis Designs said...

I have the perfect printable popcorn cupcake wrapper for your popcorn cupcakes! You can see it here Makes it look like it's in a bucket just like your real popcorn.

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Oh, those menu items are so cleverly named! I completely empathize about being soooo behind in movie watching. The yearly Oscars become my chance to update my "movies I MUST watch" list (by now, 4 pages long!!!). Sigh...

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