Friday, March 20, 2009

Modified Onesie

I’m not proud of it, so I’ll blame postpartum hormones, for a little melt down I had in the days after Elle was born.

We knew we were having a girl and had a closet and dresser full of adorable, mostly pink, outfits waiting for her to wear. During the “nesting” stage of my pregnancy, I washed and ironed every bit of clothing before hanging it on matching hangers in her closet and taking a picture for her scrapbook. I brought tights and booties for her to wear with a little knit dress home from the hospital. She was never seen without a bow in her hair or in her pajamas. Every morning, even in the first week, we would get up, I’d change her diaper, and put the next pretty little something on her that I couldn’t wait to see her in. The melt down occurred about 3 outfits into her closet. I put her in a little shirt and skirt set and yet again, for the 3rd time in a row, the sleeves were too long and she was swimming in the outfit. I hadn’t bought any Newborn clothes because they all said “up to 8lbs” and I was pretty sure she would be at least 8lbs when she arrived (my side of the family has big babies), but even though she was 8lbs 4 oz, the 0-3 month clothes were still too big for her. My Doug walked into the nursery and saw me crying over her as I rolled her little sleeves up and I had to confess that I was just so upset that she didn’t fit into any of the sweet clothes I was excited to see her wear… the poor thing had entered this world without a stitch of clothing that was just the right size for her.

This time I’m prepared! I have the absolute cutest little eyelet bubble suit picked out for her to wear home from the hospital (I’ll post a picture after I actually buy it… it’s online and they only have 2 left, so I can’t post it until I’ve sold a sling and can justify spending the money for it) and I bought two onesies that I’m modifying too. All in size… you guessed it… Newborn! I’m completely fine with the fact that she’ll probably only get to wear these outfits 1 or 2 times. It will be worth it to see her tiny little body in all its infant cuteness, and we’ll save those itty bitty outfits to remind us of just how little she was when we have a 6 and 3 year old that seem like little adults.

So here’s the first of the modified onesies. It was a really simple project, just make a sack with ribbon casing at the bottom, cut the bottom half of the onesie off, sew it to the sack, and iron on a little appliqué. Melt down averted!


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Rain woman said...

Beautiful work! I would love to make one of these sleep sacks for my little daughter. Do you have/sell a pattern I could use? I only have very basic sewing skills but I am learning slowly!! The bottom half of the sack seems shaped - do you have a basic template for it??



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