Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Elle Belle Product!

If you’ve stopped by the Elle Belle shop recently you may have noticed that it’s kind of slim pickings. I needed a little break after how insanely busy I was during the Christmas rush. My excuse after I had recovered from the rush, was how exhausted I was during my first trimester, and now it’s that I’m having too much fun with all these projects for the new baby. For the first time since I started sewing, I’m doing more for us than for customers and have been really truly enjoying experimenting and taking on new creative endeavors. However, despite the hiatus of sorts I’ve been on recently, I do really love Elle Belle as well and I especially like being part of the Etsy/crafting community. So, I think I’ve come up with a plan to marry these too things that bring so much fun to my life.

For Elle Belle, I’m going to be focusing primarily on slings. I have quite a few new prints to list in the coming months, and am knocking around some new design ideas to add into the mix. In the past, I’ve often considered adding accessories to the slings. There are several people/companies who make slings and include a pocket in the tail so that you can carry a wallet, diapers, etc. with you. I can see the convenience in just having one thing to grab that serves double duty, but I prefer to wear my slings with the tail tucked under the baby instead of hanging down, so having a zipper and/or stuff in the tail wouldn’t really work in that application. Also, if you do wear the tail hanging down (as is the case with the slings that have embroidery on them) having too much stuff in the pocket seems like it would bang around and be sort of cumbersome. So, I’ve decided to instead offer zip pouches that you can clip to your sling. I made this prototype to match a sling I made for myself and the new baby. It’s the size of a standard wristlet so that you can keep credit cards, cash, and a cell phone on hand. I always threw a zip pouch of my own items into my diaper bag so that it was easy to find amongst the sea of diapers, wipes, toys etc. and now I’ll have a super cute one that matches my sling and that I can clip right on.

I’m excited about offering these in the Elle Belle shop soon! I’m still working out a few ideas I have about how to offer them and specific designs though, it may still be a couple weeks before the first ones actually get posted… so stay tuned!


Athena's Armoury said...

Adorable and such a great idea!

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