Friday, March 13, 2009

I <3 Embroidery!

I recently worked on a fun embroidery project for my Dad and thought I’d share.

My Dad was on the football team in high school and was really active in school, so he was pretty bummed when they changed the name and mascot of the high school not long after he graduated. His letterman jacket was the last piece of “memorabilia” from his high school days, and he wore it until he jumped out of a box truck one day at work and irreparably ripped it.

Last year for Fathers Day I thought I’d try to find an embroidery design of something similar to his high school mascot and embroider it on a sweatshirt for him. I should have guessed that there really isn’t such a thing as a “Kay Hawk” or anything even close to it. So, plan B was to find this mythical Kay Hawk online somewhere and have it digitized. Uh, yeah, apparently a Kay Hawk/cartoony hawk isn’t a popular mascot for any school and no one maintains a website for his old high school. So, plan C
was to let my Dad in on the surprise and see if he could find a picture of the Kay Hawk one of his old year books or something. He found an old football program, scanned it into his computer, and turned it into a file. I sent it into my digitizer extraordinaire, Angie of AK Designs, and I added the name of his school.

The Kay Hawk lives on!


AKD said...

Looks great!! I'm so glad I could help out with this project ;D

SecondChanceChicken said...

You are a sweet daughter to work this hard on a special project for your Daddy!

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