Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wear the Art!

Today’s featured artist and Mom to three 12 year old boys (yep, triplets!), is Michelle a.k.a. Shoozles. In her Etsy shop, Michelle sells her beautifully fused glass works of art.

Michelle has always had an interest in wearing her creations. I asked her what the first thing she remembers crafting was and she said “Ha! Well, I remember doing shrinky dinks when I was 5… does that count? I loved those shrinky dinks! I even remember thinking “how can I wear this?” LOL every one else was putting a magnet on the back and I want to wear mine.”

In honor of this particularly spooky week, I bring you the Bleeding Heart – Fused Glass Charm Pendent:
This quirky little piece has a sense of humor all on its own. It’s a single layer of “blood soaked” enamel and a heart charm. Despite its ominous appearance, Michelle thinks the jingling sound the pendant makes when it’s worn will bring you good luck… she feels lucky every time she makes one and it doesn’t break!

I read a few posts on Michelle’s blog and especially loved this excerpt on how she feels about creating fused glass pieces:
I really enjoy fusing some days are harder and I really have no feelings about the things that came out of the kiln and then there days that I open my kiln and a gift has come from the heat, A piece I could not have imagined nor dreamed. Unplanned and unique surprises just make me giddy and set the tone for the day and can last for weeks.

Check out all of Shoozle’s wearable art by clicking on the link or the picture above.


Giftbearer said...

You added a new facet of interest here! Good writing!

creativesundries said...

I love Shoozles' work!

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