Sunday, October 14, 2007


I mentioned in an earlier post my excitement about discovering a community of people making and selling handmade items on the website There are lots of people selling on the site that are passionate about their craft and I enjoy listening in, getting tips, and sometimes even contributing to their conversations in the Etsy forums. Recently, I read a thread that a women started in which she challenged Etsy sellers to commit to 90 days of featuring other Etsy sellers in their blogs in order to raise awareness of this awesome site and promote our handmade products. Like all Moms I'm busy (I have a wonderful 2 year old, work in an office 3 days a week, and own and operate Elle Belle) and was a little afraid of committing to 90 days of posts but have decided that the enjoyment of getting to know other Etsy artists, introducing them to you, and getting the exposure that this will bring Elle Belle is definitely worth it. So here we go, 90 different Etsy artists in 90 days (+ little bits and pieces about our own crafts and events mixed through out) starting with Entyqua (dba Becki's Designs) -
Although jewelry shops are common on Etsy, it's uncommon to find a shop with a fusion of materials and a range of design like the Becki's Designs shop. She has a beautiful variety of jewelry styles that are inspired by "glass boxes at thrift stores with old jewelry in them. Nature: Trees, seasons, fish (my aquarium) water, rocks and wood". The diverse selection ranges from delicate crystal strands, my personal favorite a necklace that mixes chunky wood and faux pearl beads, to this stunning smoked crystal wire wrapped ring.

There are several reasons I specifically featured this ring. It's elegant and sort of edgy at the same time. Just looking at the smooth coils on the band makes me think about how comfortable it must be to wear. Becki's not only artistic with her jewelry, but also with the pictures she uses to display it, they're as fun to look at as the jewelry. I also really like that she has included a picture of the ring on a sizer so that you know for sure what you're getting ahead of time. Click on the picture above to check out the listing for this ring and the Becki's Designs shop.


Anonymous said...

That's a great start! The more you do the easier it'll get! :o)

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