Monday, October 22, 2007

The Kitty Bag

Personally, my favorite feedback to get from a customer is that they liked the item and their shopping experience so much that they’ll buy from me again. KatelynJane is the featured artist today, and she got just such feedback from one of her customers:

What a lovely bag! It has drawn much compliments from my friends. Quick response and fast shipping, I will surely buy from the shop again.

KatelynJane calls her bags Kitty bags, and of course she’s getting great feedback with ones like this in her shop!
KatelynJane loves fabric and when she spots the right color or texture, she can envision one of her bags made out of it even before she takes it off the bolt. I think this bag is quite possibly the first bag to be simultaneously punk and elegant. The simple styling puts focus on this glitzy fabric and it’s roomy enough to actually be functional too.

Add one (or more!) of KatelynJane's Kitty bags to your holiday shopping list. Your sister, your Mom, your girlfriend... whoever is the lucky recipient will thank you!


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