Wednesday, January 18, 2012


One of the things I really like about the town we live in is its thriving art community… there are lots of galleries and museums and theaters near by. My most recent find is the Zen Glass Studio. I bought a Groupon for My Doug for his birthday to take a class there to make a wine glass. We made a date night of it and had a great time! It was really amazing to see the different effects you can get from just spinning, mixing, and pressing the molten glass. Check out My Doug’s handiwork:

Wondering where my glass is? I suspected… and was right about… working with glass being a little too free form for me. I am not artistic, I need rules to follow, methods to utilize… yes I know that’s not terribly exciting, but it makes me a decent sewer and a good analyst (my “real” job). But I certainly admire those of you who have that artistic flare! More show-and-tell to come.

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Karie said...

oooooh! It's so pretty!

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