Monday, January 30, 2012

Chore Chart

I wanted to make a chore/allowance/behavior chart for my 6 year old. I decided a magnetic dry erase board would be perfect for the job but the boards at the office supply stores were so expensive that I figured I could make one for much less. A million ideas involving various iterations of a DIY magnetic dry erase board and purchases including dry erase paint, metal flashing, magnetic paint, plexiglass, and oil drip pans later, I found a magnetic dry erase board at Target for $20…. go figure! I exchanged all those supplies for the $20 board, pinstriping tape (from the automotive store), 2 bags of flat edge glass marbles (Elle prefers to call them “gems”), & some magnets. Here’s how this fun project came together.
I started by planning out what I wanted to chart with this chart and decided on 3 sections:
• Choices – Elle starts every day with 4 choices “gems”. She can loose a gem for making a bad choice. If she finishes the week with a pre-determined number of choices gems she gets to choose something fun to do like picking where we eat breakfast on the weekend, playing a board game with Mom & Dad, staying up late to watch a movie on Friday night etc.
• Chores – These are the things she is expected to do every day, they contribute to being a productive part of keeping the house clean and taking care of herself. She places a check mark in each of the items as they’re completed every day.
• Allowance – Elle places a green “gem” in the row for each of these items she completes. The green gems are assigned a value… it can be whatever you think is reasonable, a nickel, a dime, a quarter etc. As long as she completes all her chores for the day as well, at the end of the week she cashes in her green gems for her earned allowance.
Once I devised the method for each of the sections & had an idea of how many rows we would need, I used pin striping to make a grid on the board. I also had vinyl decals made for each of the sections and days of the week. Lastly I hot glued magnets to the back of the flat sided marbles (you can buy them by the bag at Michaels). We’re on week 3 of the chart, and it’s been a complete success thus far! My child’s room has never been cleaner, I don’t have to hunt for her lunch box every morning, figuring out how much allowance she’s earned every week has been a good math lesson, and she loves seeing her bank grow!


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