Monday, August 1, 2011

Gardening Apron Tutorial

I made tons... ok not tons, just 15... of these gardening aprons for the party guests at Elle's U-Pick party.  They were a hit with the kiddos and they looked so stinkin' cute wearing them as they wandered around the u-pick farm.  I made a tutorial for you to make some for a little gardener you know.
Start with two rectangles of fabric: the background fabric should be cut to 12"x8" and the main/pocket fabric piece should be 12"x11"
Press the pocket fabric in half long ways, wrong sides together and pin on top of the background fabric, lining up three raw edges.
Fold the apron in half and round the bottom corners (I used a cup as a guide)
Sew two rows from the top edge of the pocket to the raw edge to create three pockets.
Cut a piece of binding 28" long.
Sew the binding around the apron, encasing three sidges of the apron, not including the top raw edge of the background fabric.
Cut a piece of binding 50" long.
Center the binding on the apron, and pin, encasing the top raw edge of the background fabric.
Sew the binding to itself and then to the top of the apron then to itself again to make the ties for the apron and finish the top of it. 
Knot the end of each tie.
I attached little name tags to the aprons with mini clothes pins and hung them on clothes lines strung across one end of the tent at the party. The kids loved finding their apron hanging up for them!




Kimberly said...

Stopping by from Tip Me Tuesday! Those aprons are just darling and the perfect touch for your u-pick party. Great work!

Kimberly @The Muddy Princess

Kayce A. Bramble said...

I adore these aprons. I love how you made them for all the kids. Great idea.


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