Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Google and QRCode MiniCards!

So excited about the Moo mini cards I designed for myself! The front of the card has the Google search bar with my business name.  If you look for me using Google, the search results are the links to all my sites... love that someone could find them all without me having to list each one on the card!

and on the other side, my QR code and email address:

So I'm sure you've seen QR codes all over the place, but just in case you've managed to escape the smart phone addiction and are wondering what the heck they are, I thought I'd share.  Just download a QRcode reader app to your smart phone or iPad, I use the At&t Code Scanner.

When you see a QRcode... you guessed it... scan it!  It will take you to a web page. 

Easy & fun... right?!



Shelley (EvenAndy) said...

I think that your cards are awesome!! I think they are very creative and cute! I just went and created a QR Code for my website. Thanks for sharing the information!

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