Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabric Covered Buttons & Giveaway

Disclaimer: I left my camera at a friends house and as much as I love love love my precious (a.k.a. my iphone) I'm clearly doing something wrong when it comes to taking pictures with it. I'll try to make suffering through these worth your while though with a little giveaway at the end!

Have you made fabric covered buttons before?  They're seriously easy to do and super cute... especially if you add an embroidered initial!  All you need is the button kit and a scrap of fabric.  There's a little half circle on the back of the package that you cut out and use as a pattern to cut your fabric circle.  There's also two little plastic pieces that come in the kit.

Smooth the fabric circle against the piece of the metal button without the shank, put it fabric side down in the bigger of the two plastic pieces, tuck the fabric in against the back of the button, place the 2nd half of the button over the folded in fabric and use the smaller plastic piece to press on the back of the button... you'll feel a little snap when it's attached.

Pop the button out of the plastic piece and waalaa!

You stuck it out through the horrible pictures and formatting (I have such a love hate relationship with Blogger!) you deserve a giveaway!  I love these covered buttons, there are lots of really cute uses for them!  Leave a comment here to tell me what you think I'm using the button I showed you for.  I'll make a set of 2 monogrammed initial buttons for the first person to guess correctly.



Katie said...

After looking over your last few posts, I am going to guess you are using the buttons for a new jumper.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

That's a good guess Katie, and they would look great on the classic jumper I posted about... but nope, not this time. This button is for a different project.

Mindy said...

Halloween is around the corner, and I can't imagine you buying costumes. You must be making them. Are the buttons for a Halloween costume, pictures to which you'll post, and I'll giggle with glee, as I always do?! Even with iPhone photos!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Another good guess, and Mindy, you're absolutely right that I'll be making Halloween costumes, but no. This button isn't for a costume.

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