Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week of School Bentos

Are you ready for a little break from the party posts?  This was Elle's first week of school ever and consequently the first time I've had to pack lunches.  It was a little daunting... I wasn't sure if I was packing too much or too little, what if she changed her mind about eating something she usually eats, was it a well rounded meal, what if her teacher critiqued it... yes I realize that is entirely too much stress over a little a pre-school lunch.  And all for naught, she didn't starve or swear off any of her favorites, and I didn't get any notes from the teacher chastising me for an insufficient serving of vegetables.

Here's the thing, I'm still half asleep when I'm packing these things so I'm really lucky that I've been able to find my phone and get a picture where you can somewhat tell what foods are packed... maybe one day I'll  have the energy to set up a pretty little background & use an actual camera but not this week.  Now that that's out of the way:

This was her first day's bento.  I packed cheese crackers, topped with a fruit leather "I", a silicone cupcake wrapper with cinnamon almonds topped with a Babybell cheese with a heart cut out of the wax, half a banana with "You" written in sharpie on the peel, rolled up turkey lunchmeat, the rest of the fruit leather used as a divider, and some grapes.  This is the Sassy box and it holds a ton... a little too much even though she's a great eater.  She came home with 3 crackers, a couple of the lunchmeat rolls, a few grapes, and said the banana was bruised.

Day 2: two pieces of cinnamon raisin toast and a piece of cheese cut with a star cookie cutter, a paper cupcake wrapper with dried fruit, some grapes, cucumber slices, and triscuts.  The little container at the top left is a monkey with a little spoon that I put some butter in for her to spread on her toast, and the container on the top right has ranch dressing for the cucumbers.  I thought the triscuts were tough enough to stay crispy next to the cucumbers, but the few that came home at the end of the day were pretty soggy... don't think I'll do that again.
This was today's bento (she's only at school 3 full days).  It's a cranberry raspberry apple sauce, babybell cheese, hard boiled egg, 2 fig newtons, cinnamon almonds, and a few grapes.  Oh and a super cutesie turtle pick and a little silicone bear divider.  She ate every bite of this one, including the hard boiled egg... which I was a little concerned about... she likes eggs like this, but she hasn't eaten one whole, they've always been cut up.

So what do you think?  Should I do a weekly bento post... in addition to whatever other posts I do... seriously I have DIY ADD!


Katie said...

These are so cute and creative. I would love to see a weekly post about all the bento boxes you have made for lunch.

Anna said...

How crafty! My son would absolutely love to find this in his lunch box. Awesome idea to give her such an assortment but in child size portions. Post more, I'd love to see them.

TLC said...

I found your blog becuase of the FLASH bday. SOOO adorable - Great job.
I just finished this website for moms to make bentos and send little notes.
I was inspired to do it because my 10 year - old told me everyone loves how good her lunches are and she loves the little notes.
Please share if you like it.

Take care,

O. said...

These are cute!

Silver Sisters said...

I LOVE pictures of bentos, I hope you keep them up.

My daughter starts school next week so we'll have to get into the routine of making bentos again... yikes.

Unknown said...

Love this idea! Great lunches too!

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