Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

I’ve been thinking that I didn’t want to get into all the handmade projects from the party (and there are TONS!) until I get a chance to show you the whole party at once, but a silent blog just won’t do. So, I have another sweet treat for you, chocolate dipped Oreos. I can’t decide what I liked best about these… how yummy they are, how easy they were to make, or how great they looked on the dessert table! Here’s what you need to know:

There are a few options for chocolate you can melt to dip these in. I purchased the Wilton chips that come in a bag first, but then stumbled onto this package of Candiquik at the grocery store. It comes with a microwavable tray and it worked perfectly, I definitely recommend it!

It wasn’t quite as easy to find the sanding sugar I needed to add a pop of color to the cookies. The grocery store only had packages of sugar in a variety of colors, or in Christmas colors. Lucky for me, Williams Sonoma is just a hop, skip, and a bridge away. The have really beautiful colors to choose from, but they only come in relatively large amounts… so you’ll have an excuse to do more baking & use up all that left over sparkly sweetness.

That’s it, just three ingredients: Oreos, Candiquik (you’ll need two packages per package of Oreos), & sanding sugar. The only other things you need are a brush (I used a basting brush but you could also use a new clean paint brush), a fork, and some wax paper.

Step 1: Brush the Oreos off. Yes you really should do this step! Brushing each side of the Oreo and the edge will ensure you don’t get little chocolate bits/dust in your pristinely white melted chocolate.

Step 2: Melt the chocolate according to the directions on the package.

Step 3: Put an Oreo in the melted chocolate and using a fork, scoop the chocolate over the top of the Oreo to cover the entire thing. Scoop the Oreo up with the fork, swirl it around a little so that the chocolate smooths out, and run the fork against the edge of the tray to remove the excess chocolate.

Step 4: Place the dipped cookie on wax paper. Sprinkle a tiny pinch of sanding sugar over the top of the cookie and let dry.

Seriously. Seriously. Yummy!!

Pictures of the finished project coming soon... hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Thanks much for this recipe!!! now i need some help :) I'm "dumb" in the kitchen, but i just tested this and my issue is that Oreos break so easily, and the inside also melts when i dip them into the melted chocolated - tips? :) thanks again for sharing!

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