Thursday, June 24, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

It’s been a baby food bonanza here on my blog lately! I posted about the baby foods we just can’t get enough of, sprout organic baby food, plum organics, & revolution foods & I posted the tutorial I created for the bib with a pocket to carry the pouches. So one last thing about baby food and then I promise to force myself to obsess about something else… probably party planning (I have 3 parties coming up)!

CSN Stores asked me to review one of their products… it was seriously hard to choose what I wanted to review… they have 200+ stores with pretty much whatever you could want! I picked the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor so that I could… you guessed it… make baby food!

With this lovely little gadget, it really couldn’t be easier to make food for your littlest eater! Every evening, after I’ve prepared dinner, I fill the bowl with a portion of each thing we’re eating. Veggies, potatoes, rice, pasta, chicken, turkey, whatever we’re eating for dinner, goes into the bowl. Twist the lid on and hit the grind button a few times. If it’s too dry, add a little water and grind it up again. The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus makes just the right amount of baby food, doesn’t take up much space on your counter, and makes quick work of mashing it all up to the perfect consistency. I feed her a serving size during our family dinner and the rest I scoop into an ice cube tray. I write what the meal is on the outside of a Ziplock freezer bag & the date that it should be eaten by (3 months is a good rule of thumb), slide the ice cube tray into the ziplock and put it in the freezer. Before bed, I pop the cubes out of the tray into the bag, seal it up, and I have a meal or two or three, depending on how much leftovers we had, for another day.

The cubes are obviously not as convenient to use on the go as the pouch food, but they thaw quickly and are great for meals at home. There are so many studies to support feeding babies a wide variety of wholesome foods early in their lives to help establish healthy eating habits and taste preferences. Making your own baby food is an easy way to start your baby off right!

If you live in Florida, you can join the Fresh from Florida Kids program for free and they’ll send you a free kit with quite a few goodies, including ice cube trays, a recipe book for making nutritious baby and kid friendly meals, & a little manual grinder for making baby food too. I just got my kit the other day, it’s a neat program, and definitely worth checking out!

If you make your own baby food, leave me a comment with your favorite "recipe" so we can try it out too!


Michele said...

I just got my kit 2 weeks ago and I couldn't believe all of the great items it included. I'm on baby #3, but never used a food mill/grinder. I LOVE the one that came in the kit. I use it every night to give my son his dinner, that we are eating! Seriously, if you live in Florida....sign up. get a ton of Publix coupons that you can match with manufacturer coupons. And, a lot of the coupons are for fresh produce...hard to come by.

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