Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pouch Bib Tutorial

I posted a month or so ago about the Sprout Organic Baby Food that Liv eats & how much we love its simple organic ingredients & that it’s super easy to carry in the diaper bag too. I’ve seen bibs with pockets to hold a spoon and placemat or wipes & adapted that concept for use with the pouches (although you could still use it for a placemat or whatever you’d like).

This is probably my most in depth tutorial so far, so let me know what you think and if you give this one a try. Have fun!
You’ll need:
This pattern for the bib (print both pages, turn them to landscape orientation, tape pg 1 & 2 together where the lines meet, and cut it out)

two coordinating fat quarters (you can get two fronts out of a fat quarter, but only one back plus the pocket)

A 9”x12.5” piece of batting

Coordinating cotton thread

Velcro or snaps

9” piece of ¼”elastic

1) Cut the bib pattern out of the fabric for the front of the bib. Cut a 9”x12.5” rectangle from the fabric for the back of the bib.

2) Cut an 8” x 9” rectangle from the fabric for the back of the bib. Fold the rectangle in half long ways and press (so you have a 4” x 9” piece with the fold at the top).

3) Quilt the back of the bib: Place the fabric for the back of the bib on top of the batting and quilt them together. Pin the bib pattern on top and cut it out.

4) Attach the pocket: Place the fold of the rectangle from step 2 on top of the quilted back of the bib, along the pocket placement line, with the raw edges of the pocket aligned with the raw edges of the back of the bib. Pin in place and stitch the 2 sections of the pocket.

5) Place the elastic just below the top of the pocket. Place the front of the bib face down on top of the quilted back of the bib & elastic. Pin all the way around the bib and be sure to pin through the ends of the elastic too.

6) Sew all the way around the bib with a ½” seem allowance, leaving an opening in one side, above the pocket, to turn through. Trim and snip into the seam allowance around the curves of the neckline and where the bib will close so that it will turn smoother.

7) Turn the bib right sides out, press, & top stitch all the way around.

8) Sew on the Velcro or snap closure

Are you wondering about the elastic?  Load up your bib with a baby food pouch or a placemat, and a couple spoons.  Close the bib and tuck the neck part under the elastic. Fold the sides of the bib in towards eachother, twist the elastic and loop it around the bib to keep it all together in a nice little package.


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