Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sprout Organic Baby Food

I have a confession… I don’t make all of Liv’s baby food from scratch. To make matters worse, I did make Elle’s baby food. I never bought one single jar of baby food for Elle. I knew the day would come when she would look at me with those sweet blue eyes and beg to eat a sugary something that wasn’t even remotely close to anything we should consider “food”, and eventually I would probably cave in. But until that day, I couldn’t think of one excuse for feeding her anything but foods that would help her little body grow into the healthiest and smartest it could be. I just couldn’t justify going from the most perfect food, breast milk, to a jar containing who knows what… seriously have you looked at the ingredients on those things?! So I mashed up whatever organic foods we had in the pantry or fridge, added a little water if needed, and fed her with a smile.

I had full intentions of feeding Liv the same way. About a month ago, I was planning for a trip to IL with Liv & Elle. We were flying and had a 2 hour lay over to contend with in addition to the 4 hours in the air. I was a little concerned about bringing home made food for Liv even though the airlines make concessions to the rules regarding what you can and can’t bring onto a plane for babies (what if they took Liv’s food?! I could just see the headline now “Mom, enraged by confiscation of avocado baby food, slaps airport security”). I was at the grocery store trying to figure out what to get and decided to just check out the baby food, in hopes there would be something I could live with for just 1 feeding. Just then, a ray of sunshine, beaming straight from heaven, burst through the roof of the grocery store and illuminated the Sprout Organic Baby Food. At least that’s how I remember it. I picked up one of the pouches, flipped it over, and nearly cried with joy when I saw the ingredients: Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic White Beans, Filtered Water, Organic Cinnamon. I bought almost every pouch of food they had on the shelf.

Sprout is a really neat company for lots of reasons (this post is already getting long, so here’s a link to their site so you can check it out for yourself), including why they chose this packaging for their food. I love the packaging almost as much as Liv loves their food! It’s so convenient to just throw it in the diaper bag, it doesn’t take up much room, and if there are any leftovers it zips closed. And the best part is that when people give you a strange look and ask “What’s that?!” you can say “astronaut food” and watch their reaction.

Are you wondering where you can find this amazing baby food? I’m a lucky girl… well actually; Liv is… because we live near a Publix that carries Sprout. But if you don’t have a store close, you can buy it on Amazon:

Okay so that concludes the “you’ve got to try Sprout Organic Baby Foods” portion of this post. I wasn’t planning for that part of this post to be that long… I was planning to post about the bib I designed to carry the Sprout pouches on the go:

Now that I think about it though, maybe I’ll make it into a tutorial for you and its own separate post… yeah, I think I’ll do that instead. Stay tuned!


RedMarionette said...

That looks awesome! I am so glad you found an alternative! I am also super glad companies are realizing there is a need for a product like that! :)

Michele said...

Oh, I can't wait for that tutorial!

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