Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's birthday time!

check out this sweet banner I found in the millalove Etsy shop!

That little baby in the photo to the right is about to celebrate her very first birthday.  First birthdays are always so fun but also sort of difficult to plan because although the party is for a 1 year old, it's really for the adult guests.  I think I've come up with a fun theme that bridges the gap... it's a photo/picture themed party.  

I already have quite a few ideas in the works, but I need your help with a couple things!  
#1) Planning the food is always my absolute least favorite part of party planning!  We'll have people in and out between 2pm and 7pm.  I really don't want to cook the day of the party, but it does need to look good and keep people from starving... any ideas for easy to serve pretty party foods?
#2) We've hired a professional photographer to do mini photo sessions with the guests.  Any ideas for fun props I could put out for people to play with?  I also need to come up with a way to make a backdrop or some sort of "stage" area for guests to take pictures themselves. 

The two things above are my biggest challenges, but I'm excited to hear any party ideas you might have.  I'd love it if you'd link any party ideas (your own or anything you've found around the web) that incorporate photos.  Thanks! 


Athena's Armoury said...

I am absolutely no help with things like that. But you're so creative, I'm sure it will be awesome!!

Karie said...

I'm wondering if you should embrace a secondary theme....Maybe a 50's soda shop and have a sundae bar....Could also grill out in the late afternoon.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Athena's... really!

Karie, I was thinking about that very thing & feel like I'm already too far down this whole picture/photo road... which is sort of ridiculous since we're still 2 full months away, but that's a conversation for another time... the problem with picking a supporting theme is that we're nearly done with the invitations and there's no reference to anything except photos.

I LOVE the sundae bar idea! I think I could maybe get away with a really fabulous sundae bar for the early partiers and then something simple, like grilling, for the later dinner time guests.

Thanks for weighing in!!

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