Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Our Nest to Yours

What's up with Easter being the first week in April this year?
St. Patrick's Day was yesterday wasn't it?! Okay, I better get started with the Eastery posts, kicking it off with a card Elle made. This little tutorial for chicks made from hand prints got her started, but she took it to a whole new place with the nest complete with "kinda stickish" ribbon embellishment, a cut out spot for the chicks to tuck into, red brads for their cheeks, and the cutest little saying for the inside "Happy Easter from our nest to yours" (she had a little help with that one... something along the lines of "Have a Nesty Easter" was her original suggestion). Crafts made from the littles' hands are always fun and make cute keepsakes... especially this year when there's such a big difference between the size of the girls' hands!


Karie said...

I am totally stealing this! ;)

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