Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Try Again!

With the onset of Spring, I started day dreaming of crystal clear apothecary jars, home to dew covered, mossy, terrariums spotted with miniature mushrooms, tiny smooth pebbles, and baby bonsai trees. There are quite a few of us "crafty types" in the office that I work in, so a bit of crafty something or another is often interjected into our holiday celebrations. For Easter, each team got a foam craft egg to decorate. Hoping to bring my vision to life, I managed to convince my team that our foam egg was destined to be a terrarium of sorts. Here’s the thing, in my attempts to reassure everyone that it wasn’t really going to be as involved/difficult as creating a little ecosystem that looked like a tiny enchanted woodland seemed, I assured them we could find everything we needed for our terrarium just outside our office doors. Alas, my office building is not nestled in a forest next to a babbling brook shrouded in the cover of weeping willows… dusty, crunchy, brown swirly thingies from the plants in the lobby took the place of moss covered river rocks … not quite what I had in mind. Okay, so keeping in mind that we did literally just have what was outside our office doors to work with... doors that open on to a cracked cement parking lot, next to a construction site, bordered by box hedges in mulch, here’s what we came up with. I cut an opening in the egg with a box knife and painted the inside a robin’s egg blue. A sprig from a bush became the stand-in bonsai (work with me here!), two bits of mulch tied together with a rubber band form a cross, a little white stone adds at least a little contrast, and then there’s the pom-pom and pipe cleaner bunny.

I’m seriously considering hitting delete on this whole post. Yes, I did realize this project was a train wreck, but the ridiculousness has become even more apparent as I’ve typed the details here. *sigh*

Alright, since the other submissions in the egg decorating contest were just as funny... even funnier when you consider grown adults in a professional work environment hand crafted these things... I'll post them for your entertainment. Don’t like me less:

I'll be back in a day or two to post my redemption. Oh and sweet redemption it is, don't miss my next post!


Karie said...

HAHA I'm eagerly awaiting your next post! LOL

Athena's Armoury said...

OH! And thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!

Athena's Armoury said...

I'm glad you didn't delete this... it really was entertaining! =)

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