Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolling Purse Pocket Organizer Thingie

My Mom told me the other day about a purse organizer she saw on t.v. and although she wanted it, was able to refrain… which I’m told is quite a feet once you’ve experienced the pull of the home shopping network. I did a little snooping online and I’m not sure if I found exactly what she was referring to, but it seemed like something that would be best custom made. So here you have it… a rolling purse pocket organizer thingie:

Cut two strips of coordinating fabric & a piece of quilt batting 8” x 25”

Place your batting on the table with a piece of the fabric on top, face up

Place your second fabric face down on top of the other fabric and batting

Sew the fabric and batting together, leaving a 3” opening in one of the long sides to turn it through

Turn your fabric right sides out and top stitch all around

Fold the bottom long edge up 3 inches and sew the sides together (like you’re making one big pocket)

Now figure out what you want to keep in your handy new accessory and line it all up in the pocket

Mark where the edges of the pockets should be with a pin and draw lines from the pocket edge to the fold

Stitch on your lines to create the individual pockets

Fill the pockets with your goodies & roll it up.

Now it’ll be super easy to rotate all those handbags into your wardrobe… accessorize to your hearts content!


Becky J. said...

this is a cute idea! I have posted your review today. thanks for sharing!!

glor said...

This is great. Thanks for the idea.

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