Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Pink & Green Welcome

The birth of a baby is an occasion to be celebrated… even if they’re the 2nd or more to join the family. I couldn’t let my little Liv come in without fan fair! We didn’t need tons of new baby items, I wanted everyone to meet our newest addition, and a party should include men, women, and kiddos too. An open house was the perfect solution!

With all the sewing I did in preparation for Liv's arrival, is it any surprise that fabric was the inspiration for the party theme?! Specifically, this bright and cheery Michael Miller print called Disco Dots in Sorbet:

The party was planned for 8 weeks after Liv’s birth, so sending the invites with her birth announcement was perfect timing. GreenApplePaperie designed and made the invitations, favor tags, & thank you notes in the same colors as the fabric.

The decorations were my favorite part! I made the oh so popular and super easy tissue pom-poms (see the tutorial here). My Doug hung them from the ceiling above the food and at the front porch with invisible thread and 3M hooks.

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts inspired the lime rind candles (I used wax left over from tea pot candles I made for Elle’s party… post coming soon).

I also picked up the quintessential party décor; balloons and crepe paper.

The food was pink and green too. Chip dips were served in huge wine glasses rimmed with colored salt. I made guacamole (get the recipes and the serving details here), a pink potato chip dip, and because displays are always more aesthetically pleasing in threes, I added some store bought green salsa too. I served pink lemonade in a glass jug with lime slices floating in it & cupcakes frosted in colors that matched our theme perfectly (I brought a fabric swatch to the baker… I’m not afraid of being “the crazy lady”.)

Since fabric was the inspiration for the theme it was easy for the girls to coordinate with the party. A simple pillowcase top for Elle and an appliquéd onesie for Liv made for cute pictures.

I made sure we got a picture of each of our guests. A photo album with space on each page to write a little something, served as the guest book and commemoration of the day.

No party is complete without a thank you for your guests. I got a huge container of powdered lemonade mix, poured it into ball jars, and topped them with the theme fabric embroidered with “thank you”.

This isn’t the first party I’ve planned around a color and dots (check out some posts about Elle’s 2nd birthday party here and here), it’s a fun theme and one that’s easy to run with!

I’m always on the look out for great party ideas. Leave me some links in the comments!


Unknown said...

This is a FABULOUS idea! Now I wish I had a party to plan...and that my daughter would let me plan anything other then a princess party for On day hopefully! Thanks for the GREAT ideas!

Unknown said...

Great details! I love the lime candle idea! The colors really pop together!


A To Zebra Celebrations said...

WOW! Love love the "thank you" awesome!

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