Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tutorials, DIY, & How Tos... Oh My!

I love a good tutorial! Although I'm much better off with an actual pattern, I have made quite a few things from the many tutorials you can find on generous crafter's blogs. I like to share the handmade love too, and realized the other day that the tutorials I've done here have added up over the last two years... wow I've been blogging for almost 2 years... that's a post all of it's own! So for your convenience (and mine too the next time someone asks me "how'd you make that") I added a list of links to my tutorial posts to the right margin of the blog. If you haven't been an Elle Belle fan since the beginning *GASP* check 'em out! And definitely let me know if you use any of them, I'd love love love to see your creations!

Share some handmade how to of your own as well... post a comment here with a link to your favorite tutorial (one of your own or one you've found online) if you care to!


SecondChanceChicken said...

Your tutes are great! Easy to follow and fun. I have quite a few of kid crafts and I am beginning to focus more on adult projects. Here's one of my favs for spring. It's a video tute.
Dress Up A Straw Purse

Gryhund said...

This tute is what started it all for me:

Her whole site is filled with simple sewing goodness.

Katie said...

You won the giveaway on my blog!
I emailed you but haven't heard back, so when you get a chance send me your address :)

PinkPetunias said...

Tried to email you from the comment you left on my blog but it came back undeliverable. 2 things, 1, thank you for entering my giveaway! I hope you stop back again. Also, 2, Your blog is ellebelleonline. Funny. I my daughter is Elspeth and we call her Ellie. From day one, I have called her Ellie-Bellie and Elle-Belle! Very funny. Made me chuckle. I will have to stop by and read your entire blog once I get done replying to all of my giveaway comments! Thanks again. Christine

tessa said...

Hey, like everyone said your tutorials are great. A few of us thought maybe you would want to repurpose one as a video and enter it in our contest? I think even something like the Tub Teas could make a great entry. First prize is $2k and one of the judges is the editor of ReadyMade magazine!

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