Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bloomhill Baby

The Etsy community is such a wonderful group of crafters! Case in point, Bloomhill Baby. The Etsy Baby street team hosted a baby shower for Moms on Etsy. If you were expecting or had a baby within 3 months you could sign up to be showered with some handmade baby goodness from 2 members of the Etsy Baby team. How sweet is that?!

The very tallented, Tammy of Bloomhill Baby, makes some really adorable baby items... some that even include machine embroidery that she custom designs herself. She created this pretty little onesie for Liv with her initials.

Bloomhill Baby's profile says she's a perfectionist and you can definitely tell it in her work! This onesie is great quality and her attention to detail on the trim and embroidered design is obvious. Tammy's commitment to excellence makes her a dream to work with and I so appreciate her generosity!


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