Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Featured Etsy Artist - Earths Charms

The featured artist today is Earths Charms. Check out what she has to say about herself –

My name is: a title used to facilitate communication.

My home is: a little slice of paradise despite the paper-thin walls and windows.

My goal is: to make macrame fashionable.

My soul is: owned by a thieving kitty.

My dreams are: not all that unrealistic, and involve comfort instead of riches.

My life is: meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.

I find her comments about her dreams and life insightful ways to think about things, and I’m quite sure she’s already meeting her goal! And, although my home could be described as “a little slice of paradise despite the tiny space and lack of seating” I’m in full “let’s host a holiday party!” mode. So, I’m featuring her drink charms today:
They’d be a fun way to keep track of everyone’s glasses at your next party, I guarantee you’ll get comments on how clever you are for having them, and if you’re feeling particularly generous you could even let your partiers go home with theirs as a favor. Have fun!


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