Saturday, December 8, 2007

Alternate Bliss

Alternate Bliss is a mixed media artist. Right now She is focusing on making fine silver jewelry, Watercolors, and Art Charms featuring her artwork images. Currently she has two Etsy Shops. One for her art, and one for her charms.

The painting above is one of her original miniature watercolor ACEO’s (Art Card Editions and Originals). It was painted using watercolors on 300 lb Arches Watercolor Paper. Inspired by the movie, “Le Ballon Rouge,” a short film directed by French film-maker Albert Lamorisse in 1956. This film follows the adventures of a young boy who finds a large, red balloon. He travel through the streets of Paris and encounters a gang of bullies. The film closes with a magically happy ending.

Isn't it lovely? You can check out Alertante Blisses other works at . You can see her beautiful jewelry at You can also check out her blog at!


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