Friday, November 9, 2007

Lost Mitten Handmade Crafts & Geekery

This is an Etsy shop definitly worth exploring. Lost Mitten freatures hand made crafts and geekery. One of my favorites has to be the set of 4 Nancy Drew one inch pinback buttons. How cute! Lauren's unique and orginal stlye is endless. Take the time to check out her site. You will be glad you did.

Lauren is 25 years old, and creates all of the crafts for sale in the Lost Mitten Etsy Shop. She is currently living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with her fiance, Paul. She has been creating handcrafted items for her Etsy shop, Lost Mitten, since September 2006. Lauren and Paul are both huge video game addicts, ranging from the early days of the NES and SNES up to the latest games (especially for the Wii and DS!). She is continually inspired by her love for video games in creating many of her original crafts.
The items in her shop are all highly unique and original - She comes up with all of the ideas on her own and continually tries to be creative by crafting new and interesting items for her shop.


creativesundries said...

Oh, my favorites are the Nancy Drew pins (I heart Nancy Drew!) and Pac Man coasters. Going to put those on my Christmas list...

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