Monday, April 23, 2012

Mid Century goes 21st Century

Have you noticed the resurgence of mid century modern furniture? I sort of stumbled onto it while designing my office space and am worried it could become a new obsession. I knew I wanted a good sized storage piece to house all the necessary office supplies, reference materials, and some electronics. I decided a long and low piece would fit the layout of the room and show off the design inspiration, the wallpaper. I’m really attracted to simple, clean lines, a minimalist look… mid century modern fits the bill perfectly!

After weeks of scouring the internet and local vintage shops, I found this dresser on Craig’s List. It was in great structural shape and original vintage condition which was important because I didn’t want to have to re-re-furbish a piece someone had already put a lot of work into. I started by taking all the hardware and the door off, numbering the bottom of the drawers (so that I would know where they went when it was time to put it back together), and lightly sanding the entire piece. This was a dresser, not a credenza, so when you open the middle door there were 3 smaller drawers inside. I wanted to have an open space to store books and binders upright, so my Dad cut out the frames for the center drawers and reinforced the sides so that the rest of the drawers were still solid.

Then I spray painted a coat of primer on the cabinet, drawer fronts, and door and gave it another light sanding to make sure the whole thing was really smooth.

I wanted my office to be fun, whimsical, a really happy place so I decided to paint the storage piece a bright color in a high gloss finish. After speaking with a couple people at local body shops who thought I was out of my mind, I was able to convince someone to let me bring it in so they could spray it with automotive paint in their spray booth.

This isn’t the completely finished product because it doesn’t have the new hardware on it and it’s not in its permanent home, but I think this gives you a pretty good idea of the transformation without spoiling the office's big reveal.  You’ll have to come back to see it in its full glory.



Karie said...

Looks great!

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