Monday, February 27, 2012


I can't believe I still haven't posted all my Christmas projects!  I even wrote them all... they're all just waiting for me to add pictures and I haven't even done that.  Better late than never though I guess.
This Christmas was the year of the pajama in our house. I made 8 sets of PJs! They were all simple draw string pants with coordinating T shirts (I never imagined how difficult it would be to find plain solid color Ts!) that I appliquéd. For most, I used this method to draft the pattern from an existing pair of pants and added a plain or ruffled hem.

It just doesn’t get any better than sisters in matching Christmas PJs!
I even used a simplicity pattern to make tiny versions for my girls' dolls (you'll have to take my word for it though... I didn't take a picture and they're both tucked into bed with their "mommy's" at the moment).

A second set for family friend’s kiddos (& doll).

For this year I’m thinking I should do a flannel version and including Mom & Dad in the fun!



Karie said...

Cutest jammies EVER!!!! And I think Mom and Dad jams would ROCK!

Laurel Geisbush said...

I agree, siblings in matching pjs is so adorable!! Fantastic job making all of these. They are AMAZING.

Unknown said...

The girls look Adorable!

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