Sunday, December 25, 2011

Season's Greetings!

I love getting Christmas cards in the mail! It's so nice to see a hand written piece of mail in the box now and again (not just that hand writing look font those tricky marketers use to get you to open their junk mail!) and it feels good to make the cut among your friends... after all, they did have to add yours to the total number of cards purchased, hunt down a pen and your address, and spend 44 cents on you. 
Trinity St Studio made these cards for us this year... I hearted them on Etsy a couple years ago and didn't have the right photo to use until Ashley Yvonne did our family photos recently (at Phillippe Park for those of you that are local... it was such a great location and she was wonderful to work with if you're looking for a photographer!).
To all my bloggy friends, you would make my cut... I'd totally spend 44 cents on you if I had your address! Thank you for reading my ramblings so that I'm not just out here talking to myself. I hope you'll have a fabulous holiday and an even better 2012!


Lisa Fliehman said...

Stacey love the card!!! Hope you and your family had a lovely day!!

Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful Stacey!! I love the card. I just love that picture :) I had a great time with all of you, tell everyone I said hello!!

Karie said...

So sweet!

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