Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roadtrip Project #6 - Car Caddy/Organizer

This is the 6th and final project to wrap up my roadtrip project series (who knew it was gonna be a series?!  Not me!  My 2 little ones inspire me and sometimes it's nice to just go with it!).  I made this car caddy/organizer hanging thingie to store all the roadtrip goodies in.  It was a fun project, I especially like the box pleats and working with decor weight fabric. It has a nylon strap to hang it around the head rest, and elastic holds it snug at the bottom.

I was really happy with how it turned out, but dissapointed when it was time to actually use it.  The box pleats made the pockets too "opened" so they didn't want to hold things in nice and tight, and the pockets were kind of shallow for most of the things I wanted to store in them.  It would probably work better if used on the front of the passanger seat to hold things when no one was sitting there, but that's kinda sad over all... that no one would be sitting in your passenger seat... so much so that you would put something in the seat that would be a pain to move out of the way if you did happen to bring a co-worker to lunch or say actually go on a date with your favorite person... just sayin'.  

Do you see the little wooden sewing block in the bottom pocket?  At one point in the trip I looked back and saw Liv "sewing" the blue cord in and out of the holes in her little wooden block and Elle working on her cross-stitch.  It was so sweet... A sewing Mommy's dream come true :)


Amanda @ The Little Giggler said...

I was just thinking about making one of these. Yours looks great! I love the fabric. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips. :)

Karie said...

LOVE the fabric combo! It looks beautiful!

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